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JY Physiotherapy, The Canbury Medical Health Centre,

1 Elm Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 6HR [Map]  

JY Physiotherapy, 304 Ewell Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 7AQ [Map]  
0208 0909330  
JY Physiotherapy, The Canbury Medical Health Centre,  
1 Elm Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 6HR [Map]
JY Physiotherapy, 304 Ewell Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 7AQ [Map]  
jyphysiotherapy sports injury rehab rugby treatment


Jehan is skilled at diagnosis and offering a treatment plan with appropriate time frames to return you to sport.
jyphysiotherapy ante and post natal treatment


We understand how pregnancy and motherhood can take its toll on your body and offer tailor-made services focusing on how to return to fitness post baby.
jyphysiotherapy clinical pilates treatment


Clinical Pilates is tailored for specific injuries and the exercises are designed to enhance recovery.
jyphysiotherapy back pain treatment


We can help treat your pain and take steps to prevent pain from recurring .

Expert physio in Kingston and Surbiton

Welcome to JYphysiotherapy

JYphysiotherapy prides itself on solid expertise in sports medicine and adolescent sports injury, in addition to specialising in lower back and sciatic pain.

With over 18 years of experience, we are confident in providing you with an accurate assessment of your condition and providing you with the best course of treatment for a timely recovery. Whether you are a first time sufferer and are looking to reduce recurrences of your problem or have had long standing pain that you haven't found the right treatment for we can help you.

We have good professional links with local GPs and recommended Orthopaedic Surgeons and Sports Doctors and are able to direct you should further investigations be required.

We provide an integrated package of care from 'hands on' treatment with the physiotherapist to an individualised rehabilitation programme that may include Pilates and Strength Training. Having identified the problem we then recommend the correct type of exercise for you and work with you towards being able to self manage your injury through exercise.

If you are a sports person we will maintain your fitness through the period of injury and aim to get you back training as soon as possible.

During your consultations we will:

  • Establish the cause of your pain
  • Facilitate recovery through hands on treatment
  • Devise a tailor-made exercise programme including Pilates, flexibility and strength training
  • And if necessary work with you on your fitness and health goals so you can manage your injury independently

Our physiotherapists are HPC registered and members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

For more information on the conditions we treat and services we offer, or to book an appointment please call 0208 0909330 or email us at info@jyphysiotherapy.co.uk


Jehan has been fantastic in the rehabilitation of my Patellar Tendinopathy which was caused by an impact playing Rugby and aggravated by marathon training. When I first came to see Jehan my issues were so severe that I struggled with everyday tasks such as driving and walking up and down stairs.

I still have some way to go before I make a full recovery, but I have gone from waking up in the night with pain, to being able to do heavy weighted squats and leg presses without issues despite this being a notoriously difficult injury to rehabilitate.

She has been very understanding and consultative throughout the process, and has been a real help with both the physical management of the injury, as well as the mental strain it has been, being 29 and very active in sports and running, now being unable to even run for the bus.

She ensured I was referred to a top sports doctor, and kept in touch with me through regular meetings. I would warmly recommend her to anyone.- Sanna

21st September 2016

Thank you for your help recently with my knee pain. A very good and professional service. - Jill

20th September 2016

The chronic lower back pain and stiff movement I have suffered from for over a year have disappeared since I have attended Jehan's pilates classes. These are expertly coached routines that help you restore strength and tone in weak, aching muscles. I wake up in the morning and jump out of bed now with barely an ache. Thank you so much, Jehan.

15th August 2016

Jehan is very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. She has been very helpful at explaining exactly what the problems I had are and how they may be resolved. She has provided lots of useful exercises to get me back in training. I would thoroughly recommend Jehan as a physiotherapist.

10th January 2016

Jehan saw me for an ankle sprain that hadn't been improving. She was able to quickly improve the injury, suggesting some exercises that rapidly increased strength and managed to get the stubborn swelling down. I would definitely recommend.

8th December 2015

I have had Jehan as my physio for the last couple of weeks and she has been helping me get fit for my knee reconstruction surgery. Jehan has been extremely helpful in showing me exercises which will strengthen my quad and hamstring prior to surgery. This has helped me get ready for surgery quicker than I would of thought previously possible. I would highly recommend Jehan as a physio and I will definitely be seeing her after my surgery in order to give myself the best possible rehab to get myself back to full fitness.

5th October 2015



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"I have had many issues with my back over the years and Jehan has been the only physio to not only correctly diagnose and treat successfully, but also to devise an effective plan to deliver long standing results.

Her knowledge of the complexities of vertebrae are second to none! I would highly recommend her."

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JY Physiotherapy, 304 Ewell Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 7AQ [Map]

JY Physiotherapy, The Canbury Medical Health Centre, 1 Elm Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 6HR [Map]